GWAS Catalog Demonstration

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It can be helpful to view an association plot in context of all previously reported claims about an association, across all traits and studies. LocusZoom is able to mark SNPs that have been previously reported in any of several GWAS catalogs, including the NHGRI-EBI GWAS catalog (build 37) used in this demonstration.

Significant association SNPs with entries in the catalog can be marked with labels on the association plot, a separate annotation "rug" track, or both. In the case where the GWAS Catalog contains multiple reports about a single SNP, all entries are matched by chromosome and position, and the trait with the most significant pvalue is reported. The rug track provides more detailed contextual information.

In this demonstration, trait labels can be toggled for GWAS Catalog SNPs within LD > 0.4 of the reference variant. To begin, move your mouse over the association results plot below and select "Display Options".

Interactive Plot

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